Induction Cap Sealing Machine – Induction Seal Liner, Induction Cap Sealer

Automatic induction cap sealing machine creates a hermetic seal useful in preventing leaks, preserving freshness and preserving the shelf life of products very effectively. The induction cap sealing machine from bhagwati labeling company is the ideal equipment for rapid sealing operations in an industrial operation.

The induction cap sealer is efficient with enhanced sealing capacity that has minimal waste and maintains the aesthetic appeal of package. The calibration and set up of the machine is easy and user friendly thus enabling management of different types and sizes of labels repeatedly.  It is also equipped with internal counters and process monitoring that detects errors and faults and stops early enough to prevent further damage from happening.

Our induction cap sealer machine is incorporated with the latest features and is well-equipped to support the standard industrial requirements. This range of induction cap sealer machines is popularly known for its exceptional performance, comparatively lower maintenance cost, and excellent operational fluency.

This induction cap sealing machine comes along with many optional accessories with value addition to the system. With features facilitating quick setup and consistent production results with the readings, the induction cap sealer machine is an efficient machine.

The induction cap sealing machine helps to maintain the freshness and integrity of end-user products. The perfect sealing property helps to prevent the spilling of material from the containers. This induction cap sealer machine also enhances the shelf life and reduces any chance of pilferage of product present inside the product containers. The closed sealing of the container depends upon the kind of material to be packaged and managed.

The induction cap sealing machine undergoes a non-contact heating process for sealing containers that give the final closure. The machine is compatible with sealing any size of container which can be customized as per the needs of the industry. It ensures the complete customer satisfaction expected about the end product. Being one of the most effective machines, cap sealers are highly demanded in the industry.

  1. Induction Cap Sealer Machine
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  3. Induction Cap Sealing Machine – Induction Sealing & Sealers

Induction sealers are suitable for all the containers such as:

  • HDPE Bottles
  • HDPE Jars
  • LDPE Bottles
  • PET Bottles
  • PolyPropylene (PP) Jars
  • PolyPropylene (PP) Bottles
  • Glass Bottles (Plastic cap is mandatory)

Induction Cap Sealing Machine Video