Sticker Labeling Machine – Single Side Sticker Labeler Machine Manufacturer

This single side sticker labeling machine is a well designed equipment that meets all the industry standards and the customer expectations. It is designed to handle both round and flat bottles applying both on the front and back side of the bottle.

Single side sticker labeler from Bhagwati Company is virtually maintenance free and durability is guaranteed. The dimensions of the label are easily calibrated into the equipment, eliminating the time loss during label changeover. Protection against voltage fluctuations has also been enhanced to avoid breakdowns and machine failures. It is also suitable for partial as well as full wrap around labeling. The framework system is made of stainless steel metal for protection and hygienic labeling of products.  It has also been equipped with an AC variable frequency drive for speed control. Optional features may also be added such as missing label sensing system, contact coder and special label sensing systems.

Single Side Sticker Labeler Machine Video