Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine – Stand Alone Label Applicator, Shrink Sleeve Machine

Shrink sleeve applicator machine is used in application of the shrink sleeve label onto container. This sleeve is used in various packaging technologies like foods, beverages, and personal care products, cosmetic and medical equipments. Some of the salient features of this equipment include;

The unique shrink sleeve applicators for bottles from Bhagwati Pharma Company allow for usage of up to the 900 mm lay flat width film, thus the equipment can be used to sleeve almost any kind of multipack in the current market. The machine has been recognized for low cost and easy to change tooling that allows for better flexibility and efficiency. Some advantages of this shrink sleeve applicator for bottle include;

  • Fully mechanized and automated equipment
  • Eliminates wastage due to the “No bottle-No sleeve system of operation.
  • Equipment is able to handle glass as well as plastic containers.
  • The speed of operation can range from 50 – 300 bottles per minute.
  • Equipped with height adjustment system to cater for different types of containers
  • The shrink sleeve applicator for bottles is easily synchronized with tunnel to complete the process efficiently.
  • Reliability; there has been continuous research and design improvement such that the equipment has addressed most applicator challenges occurring during operation.
  • Flexibility ; the incorporation of the electro- pneumatic control system allows for adjustments to multiple container sizes without spending much time on the changeover process.
  • Process expandability; the rate of operation can easily be increased as the need arises using the automated controls and also help eliminate redundancy.

Shrink Sleeve Applicator Video