Track and Trace System, Track and Trace Labeling, Track and Trace Labelers and Equipments

Full series of specifically designed labeling machines. A Track and Trace system is a mass serialization solution for pharma , food , cosmetic companies that prints a unique identifying code onto each product after it has been packaged. This enables individual products to be tracked throughout the supply chain, from production to the end consumer, and helps manufacturers significantly reduce counterfeiting by ensuring products can be easily identified. We offer below systems with different applications and systems.

  • Track & Trace System Scans Product Codes at Cartoner Infeed
  • Product Code Aggregate Is Recorded by Track & Trace System
  • Camera Inspects Codes on Bottles
  • Overhead Camera Verifies Loaded Case
  • Integraged Track & Trace Case Labeler
  • Track & Trace Inspection for Labeled Case
  • Track & Trace System Scans Product Codes at Case Packer Infeed