Bhagwati Labeling – Addressing Future Challenges Today

Bhagwati labeling machine company is a leading manufacturer of labeling machines such as the self adhesive label application systems including the Vial Sticker Labelers, Ampoules Sticker Applicator Machines, Bottle Sticker Applicator Machines, High Speed Sticker Labeling Machines, Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator MachinesPet Bottle Labeling Machines and many other advanced labeling technologies.

The equipment developed by the company is able to apply labels to a wide range of labels and containers and shapes including water bottles, pharmaceutical containers, beverage containers and lubricant containers in various kinds of shapes and models. The company has a wide customer base ranging from blue chip companies to small and medium enterprises across a broad spectrum of markets.

Technologically Advanced Models Bhagwati  Labelling utilizes modern manufacturing concepts to deliver compact, variable and highly productive equipments which will have a quick return on investments and maintain operational efficiency for a longer time. This has made the machines become first choice among consumers and created an excellent reputation to the organization.

Reliability The combination of a skilled workforce which is highly motivated ensures the required manufacturing excellence is achieved and consistent production of high quality machines is achieved. The company operations are also conducted under the framework of the ISO 9001:2000 certification to deliver quality services and products to the customers.

Sustainability and Service Oriented The company ensures sustainable operations are achieved in your packaging processes through equipments that have low maintenance costs, user friendly and with easily available replacement parts to reduce and eliminate down times that may occur as a result of equipment breakdowns. The service team also quickly responds to customer queries and concerns which have enabled the company create lasting relationships with the clients.

Popular Products and applications The sticker labeling machines are able to handle all kinds of bottles and they include;

  • Bottle labelers: can be used for all products packaged in bottle shapes
  • Self adhesive vial labeling machines; the equipment is used for labeling delicate vial containers used in various industries.
  • Ampoule sticker labeling machines; this machine is used for various types of spherical products. The design of the machine is unique with single point synchronized speed control mechanism, rarely found in other devices.
Other popular equipments include;
  • Self adhesive vertical jar/can/tin sticker labeling machines
  • Automatic tube sticker application machines
  • Side sticker labeling machines
  • Hologram and shrink sleeve applicator machines
  • Double side labeling machines

Innovation in machine designs Bhagwati Company has continued to deliver innovative designs in equipment operations to enhance user experience. The labeling systems are equipped with microprocessor controlled label dispensation systems with sensitive sensors used to guide placement and positioning of labels onto bottles, containers and similar surfaces. The high level of automation in these machines has caused increased production output of the machines as well as greater operational efficiency. In addition to labeling machines, the company has also developed other equipments such as the shrink sleeve applicator machines, induction cap sealing machines, top labeling machines and many other innovative types of equipments.