All You Need To Know About Three Roller Labeller

Labeling machines are used to manufacture the outer covering of containers wrapped around them for identification purposes. These identity stickers are mainly known as labels. Now, as the size & shapes of containers can be different, the equipment used for labeling should have the ability to execute the labeling process accurately. 3 roller labeling machine is one of the top-graded equipment that can be utilized for the quality labeling process. This 3-roller labeler is capable of wrapping cylindrical & cylinder-alike containers, as the machine functions the labeling process in a vertical manner. There are multiple quality aspects of this 3 roller labeling machine that can be aidful in different industries, several remarkable features of the machine are mentioned below.


The 3 roller labeling equipment has multiple salient features like a vertical functioning system. The vertical-functioning system allows the rollers to wrap the labels around the vertical container conveniently by reducing the tension of inaccuracy at the base-part of the container. Another advanced feature of the3 roller labeler is that the rollers have an in-built rapid start/stoppering mechanism, which allows the machine to start & stop automatically according to the configuration of the equipment. One more salient feature of the 3 roller label machine is the 3 roller heads accessibility in the machine. This 3 roller system can be utilized for complete labeling of the product as well as front/back labeling of the containers.

Position Bottle Labeling Machine – Three Roller Labeler Machine
Position Bottle Labeling Machine – Three Roller Labeler Machine

The initial mechanism of the 3 roller label machine is that the container that has to be labeled is placed on the heavy-duty slat conveyor. This conveyor allows the equipment to move the container forward to the label rollers with the help of the pneumatic gate system. After passing through the pneumatic gates, the containers are transferred to the labeling station. In this labeling situation, the containers are labeled with the help of one labeling head & 2 small rollers. During the labeling process, the remaining containers are held at one spot, and pushed towards the station, once the first container is fully labeled. Hence, the containers that are labeled are processed out through the pneumatic gate. Once the containers are labeled, these containers are examined by the device to make sure that no creasing is left on the surface of the containers.


There are several advantageous qualities that 3 roller labeling machines offer. One of the major advantages of this labeling equipment is a double dispenser system. This double dispenser system allows the machine to label bar code on large diameter & also provides a colour swatching benefit. Another quality aspect of the 3 roller labeler is that the machine has the ability to set-up automatically, without any kind of physical assistance. The 3 roller labeling machine is also an orientation unit, as it can benefit the operators to control the device more conveniently.

Every product nowadays is requiring the need of placing a label on it, so that it can be identified easily. The 3 roller machine can be utilized as a top-graded machine for wrapping up the cylindrical & cylinder-alike containers, with its 3-way roller mechanism. Along with this, the machine can be used for both small & large diameter labeling. Industries like food-processing, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics can obtain huge benefits by utilizing the 3 roller labeling equipment for their product-labeling process. In addition to that, this labeler is an innovative labeling technology that industries can also use in the future.