Common Label Roll Issues and Maintenance Tips

In India, there are manufacturers specializing in printed and sticker labels who bring together over 25 years of experience in Pre-Press along with a dedicated team of labeling experts to meet diverse labeling needs efficiently and effectively.

There are many issues that can affect the quality of labels that you print. These include smudged or faded barcodes, poor print quality, ink rub off as the labels are moved down the supply chain, and missing compliance codes. These problems can result in expensive chargebacks and penalties.

Often, these issues can be caused by simple maintenance or cleaning of the printer and/or the printhead itself. If you have a thermal print head, regularly clean it with isopropyl rubbing alcohol found at any drug store or a soft, lint-free cloth. There are also specific printer head cleaners and pads available that can be used to help clean the printer.

If you have a thermal transfer or direct thermal print head, wipe the print head gently at each ribbon change and roll change. These can be done with a print head cleaning pen, pad or even a dampened piece of paper. These can be purchased at any office supplies store or online.

Various Types of Label Roll Printing

The print engine on a printer has three key rollers that make it work: the platen roller, the pinch roller (close to the gap sensor) and the peeling roller. Over time, these can become worn and cause the print engine to stall or slip. This can cause the label to fail when it is presented to the applicator after it is printed.

One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to remove the waste matrix from the label rolls. A label slitter can cut your large, printed rolls into smaller, single-piece labels that are easier to process with your label applicator. This will also extend the life of your stationary printheads, reduce the cost of materials and improve the overall performance of your label application system.

Another common problem occurs when a label is printed but isn’t aligned with the roll edge or label width guide. This can be due to a number of things including an incorrect label or ribbon combination, insufficient space on the roll, or improper positioning on the label roll.

Sticker Labellers

A label can also be tangled or jammed in the machine. If this happens, it is recommended that the printer be cleaned or the label stock be removed from the machine. This can be done by removing the ribbon and label, or by using a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol to loosen the printhead from the print head.

In addition, if the label rolls aren’t properly stored, they can be affected by heat and humidity which can lead to telescoping or creased labels. This can be mitigated by storing the labels in a cool, air-conditioned storage area if possible.

If the labels are wrinkling during shipment or application, the most common cause is that they are made with the wrong material for the container type, e.g. a glass or plastic squeezable container is not compatible with the face stock of a clear, white label. If this is the case, it is important to switch containers.

Custom Label Printing Stickers

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Surface Disposal: Glossy & Matt Lamination; Glitter power; Golden/Silver Hot-stamping ;UV coating; Screen-printing; Embossing & Debossing; Glossy varnish
Option: PVC window, Ribbon Closure;
Packing: According to client request