High Demand of Label Rolls in Europe and Africa

Roll labels are usually used with pre-printed labels (often provided in a dispenser) or sold blank for use on printed materials that can be rolled and/or have a roller frame, spindle or mandrel within the tool on which a roller may be mounted. Labelling Machines can apply labels and decorations to all types of packaging containers, displays, point of sale, and transit packs. There are several forms of marking machines available. Vial Sticker Labelling Machine – Vial Labeller, High-Speed Vial Labelling
  • The completely automatic marking system for bottle stickers is designed to perform most sticker applications with limited human intervention. Any essential features are included.
Glass Bottle Vial Labeling Machine Bottle Sticker Labelling Machine – Self Adhesive, Wrap Round Bottle Labeller
  • Transmission system, label dispenser unit, wrapping unit, programmable logic control panel, the electrical panel as well as other enhanced tools are fixed to maximize efficiency in the manufacturing process.
automatic bottle labeler machine Ampoules Sticker Labeling Machine – Sticker Labeller for Ampoule & Vial
  • The labeling machine for ampoule stickers delivers a labeling precision of less than 1 mm. It has an integrated logic control unit used to store and transfer performance data on the machine.
Ampoules Sticker Labeling Machine Sticker Labelling Machine – Single Side Sticker Labeller Machine Manufacturer
  • It is equipped to control both round and flat bottles on the front and back sides of the bottle.
Double Side (Front & Back) Labelling Machine Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter
  • via an output of more than 100 labels per minute, this double-sided front and back labeling machine is productive and appropriate, making a good return on investment.
Top Labelling Machine – Top & Bottom Labeller, Horizontal Sticker Labelling Machine
  • The highest-level labeling machine is thoughtfully designed to meet all the specifications and to meet the performance standards.
Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine – Stand Alone Label Applicator, Shrink Sleeve Machine
  • The shrink sleeve applicator machine is being used to apply the shrink sleeve label to the container.
Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine Self-Adhesive Labels Rolls, Best Quality Label Roll
  • The business has created outstanding self-adhesive label prototypes that are robust and long-lasting.
  Induction Cap Sealing Machine – Induction Seal Liner, Induction Cap Sealer
  • Instant induction cap sealing machine creates a protective coating that is very effective in preventing leakage, preserving quality and preserving the shelf life of products.
High Demand of Label Rolls in Europe and Africa

High Demand for Label Rolls in Europe and Africa

As per the label market research firm AWA Alexander Watson Associates, global demand for labels increased by a healthy 3.7% over the previous year to 55,500 thousand square feet in 2014. The level of development in developed markets in Africa and Europe. Growth patterns in Europe keep showing a migration from the accepted stress-sensitive and glue-applied label technologies – which still together represent the vast majority share in the global – to sleeve label styles – especially heat-shrinking TD labels. It also recognizes consumer groups that will keep driving much of Africa’s consumer spending from now until 2025 – those earning more than USD 50,000 a year in South Africa and North Africa; an increasing population of younger consumers and growing domestic economies – especially those in East and West Africa. Industrial production in Africa provides the opportunity for the products industry – but within that the labeling industry – to step up moves toward more collating production in preparation for more growth.