How Automated Labeling Machines Can Increase Efficiency and Reduce Labor Costs

Manual labeling is a standard process for small production volumes and simple applications, but as production volume increases and labeling requirements become more complicated, automation is a better choice. Using an automated labeling system will help you keep up with increased demand and increase your throughput without having to hire more labor, improve product quality, and decrease errors and mis labeled products.

Labeling products accurately and efficiently is crucial in various industries such as manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and logistics. As businesses strive to streamline their operations and reduce costs, automated labeling machines have emerged as a valuable solution. These advanced machines offer increased efficiency and significant cost savings, making them an essential investment for companies seeking to optimize their labeling processes.

Wrap Around Bottle Labeling Machine
Bottle Labels Machine

Increase Efficiency: Automated labeling machines offer a significant boost to efficiency by automating the labeling process. These machines can apply labels at high speeds, often exceeding the capabilities of manual labor. By eliminating the need for manual label application, manufacturers can achieve higher production rates, reducing bottlenecks and increasing overall efficiency. This increased efficiency translates into shorter production cycles, faster time-to-market, and improved customer satisfaction.

Reduce Labor Costs: Employees are a valuable resource, but the costs associated with their time can be high. Using an automated labeling machine can reduce these costs significantly, freeing up your employees to be more productive in other areas of the business.

Reduce Errors: Manual labeling can often result in mistakes, which can lead to product damage or lost inventory. An automated labeling machine will apply a precise and uniform label to your product, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring that your products are accurately and thoroughly labeled.

Automatic Labeler Machine
High Speed Wrap Labeler

Eliminate Product Damage: Using an automated labeling machine can also eliminate the chance of product damage. This is especially helpful for large-scale manufacturing facilities where it’s common to have a large number of workers on site. Fortunately, an automatic labeling machine can be easily installed on a warehouse floor and can work within a surprisingly compact space.

Saves Time: A labeling machine can be set up and operated with minimal supervision, allowing your employees to focus on other important aspects of the business. Moreover, automated labeling can be integrated into a production line, giving you a more consistent and productive labeling workflow.

Boosts Product Quality: An automatic labeling system can be used to produce high-quality labels that are both durable and attractive. This can help you build a brand and create an impression among your customers. Automated labeling is faster than manual labeling and can be a great way to reduce human error. This will allow your employees to be more productive and increase throughput.

Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine
Automatic Wrap Around Bottle Labeling Machine

Wrap around bottle labeling machine – Label vials, bottles, canisters & jars Automatic Labeler

The SHREE BHAGWATI LABELING MACHINE High Speed Wrap Labeler is built to Fully automatically apply pressure sensitive labels onto round containers , vials, bottles, canisters & jars at up to 250 bottles per minute. The Shree Bhagwati Labelling machine model SBSL- 300 is servo motor controlled, comes standard with a Color touch screen HMI, and can be ordered with various inspection options including bar code verification, vision, and missing label detection. The SBSL-300 labeller machine is an ideal machine for contract packagers and manufacturers serving the pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Chemical, nutraceutical, and food markets.

The SBSL- 300 Wrap round Labeling machine can run stand alone or integrated into a full packaging line.

  • HMI touch screen
  • Automatically generate production and alarm reports on system
  • Stainless Steel Frame on lockable casters
  • Stainless Steel flatbed conveyor with table top chain
  • Servo Motor control
  • Label head with up to ±1 mm accuracy
  • Variable Speed Separator Wheel
  • Type 304 stainless steel construction


  • Hot Stamp (Lot/Date Coding).
  • Integrated Thermal Encoder (Lot/Date, Bar Code and Graphics).
  • Adjustable Tilt for Tapered Bottles.
  • Bottle Rejection system ( air blow or cylinder)
  • Clear Label Sensor
  • Custom Wrap Belts and Feed Screw.
  • In-feed and Out-feed Conveyor Extensions
  • Bar Code verification
  • Detection for end of label roll or/and label web break off(Factory Installed Only).
  • Missing Label Detection System (UV)
  • Out-feed Turntable
  • Missing Imprint Check system
  • 21 CFR PART 11 compliance
  • OPC UA for data collection