How to Select a Sticker Labeling Machine?

Labeling is an important part of the packaging processes carried out in manufacturing industries. Labeling gives unique identity to a product and thereby makes it easily recognizable and differentiating from the other similar kind of products. Different kinds of labels like labels for branding, labels containing information about the product and other symbolic labels are attached on the products during the packaging process. Each and every manufacturing industry requires a labeling machine in order to label the products at a faster rate and also in a consistently efficient manner.

Requirements for packaging and labeling during the packaging processes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and industry to industry. Therefore different forms of labelling machines are available in market today to satisfy these diverse requirements of every user. Self adhesive labelling machines, machine for sticker labelling and shrink sleeve label applicators are some of the important machineries widely employed in industrial labeling tasks. While shrink sleeve applicators are used for shrinking body tight labels on the product, the machines for sticker labeling are those employed for attaching simple adhesive stickers on to the different parts of product.

There are different requirements for attaching labels on the products. Some may prefer attaching labels on front side of the product while a few might prefer the sides for sticker labeling onto the products. There are informative labels which every manufacturer has to provide in order to educate their customers about their products. Such labels are generally attached at the back part of the product. Depending on the position of the label to be attached on the product either front, back, sides or top, a manufacturer may select a labelling machine for his requirements. There are front and back labeling machines, single side labeling machines, two side labeler machines, top side sticker labelling machine and wrap round labelling machines available for fully automatic operations. By opting for these automatic labeling machines, the manufacturers can easily reduce the time factor and costs employed in the labeling process. Visit to know about single side sticker labellers.

Apart from position one needs to initially decide about the basic requirement for labeling which means the type of product which needs to be labeled. Depending on the frequent requirements for labeling a product, one can select an appropriate machine to satisfy their requirements. Ampoule labeling machine, vial labelling machine, tube labelling machine, bottle labeling machine, machines for labelling jars, boxes, cartons and many other forms are available in the market today for easy labeling processes in the industries.


Different forms of sticker labeling machines are available in the market. Therefore one needs to carefully select a machine depending on the needs for efficiency in tasks.

This article is to educate readers about different forms of sticker labeling machines and selecting a labeler machine for various packaging requirements.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, Director of Shree Bhagwati Labelling Technologies.