Labeller – Vial Sticker Labelling Machine, Automatic Bottle Labeler Machine

A labeller is a machine which is used to stick labels on containers, bottles, vials, ampoules and on other products in bulk quantity. It is obvious, that when the products are being packed, sticking label on each and every item would be time consuming and tedious job. So, in industrial packaging process, labelling machine also known as labeller plays a very significant role. This machine can stick self adhesive labels having gum on the back side of the label. With just the little press of the machine, the labels get stuck on the containers or products.

Labelling on any product is very much important as it gives complete specifications of the product. The labels are the bar codes which authorizes a product. Generally, labelling is done on almost all the products like pharmaceutical products, health & fitness products, electronic appliances, food and beverages etc. There are many different types of labelling machines, based on their features and specifications. There are labelling machines available with automatic features and semi automatic features. Moreover, they are further classified based on which type of containers they can handle. The machines specially designed for sticking labels on vials are known as vial sticker labelling machine whereas, the machines designed for sticking labels on bottles are known as bottle labeler machines. Below mentioned are some details about both of them:-

Vial Sticker Labelling Machine

A vial is a small plastic or glass container usually used to store medicines or any liquid product. To enable the consumers to recognize the brand, it becomes very much necessary to label the vials in which the product has been filled. Especially, if it is a pharmaceutical product, the consumer needs to read the name of the medicine, its content, expiry date etc. written on the label. Without labelling it is just impossible to launch a pharmaceutical product in the market. Manually labelling the vials can be quite tedious and time consuming. Thus, the manufacturers of pharmaceutical machines have come up with vial sticker labelling machine with the help of which the vials can be labelled quickly and at the same time the production gets improved. There are many different types of sticker labelling machines for vials available like high speed sticker labelling machine, vial labeller machine etc., you can choose as per your industrial requirements.

Automatic Bottle Labeler Machine

There are different types of bottle labelling machines like self adhesive labelling machine, automatic bottle labeller machine, sticker labelling machine with pneumatic, round bottle labelling machine etc. with different features. Each and every machine has its own production speed and unique technical specifications. Before selecting a bottle labelling machine, it would be wise to go through the technical specifications and choose a labelling machine which can suit the type of containers or products which required to be labelled. For more information on specifications of different labelling machines available, visit- This article has been written by Arjun Rao, Director of Shree Bhagwati Labelling Technologies.