Modifying Packaging in Toiletries Using Labelling machines & Shrink Sleeve Applicators

The Toiletries Industry is a flourishing business and the consumer base is pacing up day by day due to increased awareness. A surge in the overall disposable income has also been the backing support for this rising trend. Success in the said industry is defined through the purchasing behaviour of its consumer line. Repeat purchases relate to people’s affinity for that particular brand. Therefore each and every company tries to hold onto its consumers by maintaining authentic relationships via its products. Product packaging plays a key role here in order to develop a strong brand appeal, recall as well as brand association.

Labelling machines and Applicators thus help in creating the most effective recall in the customers’ mind.

shrink sleeve applicator

Perpetual growth in Toiletries


Toiletries include products like Shampoos, Toothpaste, Conditioners etc. In short, it puts in together all the consumer products that are required for personal hygiene. There has been a tremendous increase in the buying pattern in recent years. The demand varies from one geographical region to another and so does the product. The packaging style, therefore, has to fit according to the quantity and type of the product. The shampoo package and appearance will definitely be a bit different from that of toothpaste.  shampoo generally comes in a bottle, toothpaste comes in squeeze tubes further wrapped inside cardboard boxes.

Apart from meeting household requirements, toiletries are used enormously in the hospitality industry too. People prefer to opt for world-class facilities when they are on holiday. The hospitality industry has different needs when it comes to product packaging. The size of the toiletries also comes in the picture. So the companies manufacturing them have to separate lines of products for their different segment of consumers.

Front & Back Labelling Machine for body oil bottle

How are Labelling Machine & Shrink Sleeve Applicators Helpful?


Both of these machines are automated devices that aid in making ready to sell packages to the distributor’s network and finally to the market. The design of the label, the selection of the packaging material, its font size is well planned in advance in order to make it attractive and stand out from the crowd of tons of similar lines of products. There are multiple variants of the labelling machines put in use in the toiletries industries. Products come in simple plastic pressed containers or square sized bottles. Self Adhesive labelling machines are very frequently used in the toiletries industry as it is easy to use and employed to create a primary label comprising the perfect blend of colour, designs, fonts and the essential information meant to be on the packets.

Shrink Sleeve Applicator is another machine installed in almost all toiletries plants to manage the final packages. It is basically used to put in place the plastic coating over the shampoo, conditioners, toothpaste, etc. to protect it from outside. Sometimes these protective coating can come in a printed design or printed with some content.

Labelling Machines
Labelling Machine and Shrink Sleeve Applicators

The Bottom Line


Shree Bhagwati Labelling, based in Gujarat has been the most reliable supplier of the high-end technological equipment and machines required in the toiletries and cosmetics industry. The company has been the synonym for the highly innovative devices which can be used for multidimensional industries.