Round Bottle Sticker Labeler Machine

OBSL-120 (S)

Unmatched Quality & Speed - 100% Solution to Your Labelling Requisites

This totally automated and easy to use, round bottle sticker labeling machine is the most appropriate equipment to label bottles and other items that are round shaped; and which are made using materials such as aluminum, glass, plastic, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP, etc. Further it has a robust body made from stainless steel and hence requires very less maintenance. This model OBSL-120 (S) has the capacity to label a maximum of 120 products in a minute, depending on the diameter of the product and size of the label. It also includes an ultra modern and positively driven, spacing roller; that helps to do away with the need of using the feed worm or star wheel for uniformly separating the products, and for regular shaped containers. The vertically as well as horizontally adjustable pressing device of this smart and sophisticated equipment, enables you to easily and conveniently align the height, and the diameter of the containers. Moreover, it has a unique single point synchronized speed control system. And the integrated and preset label length detection system, eliminates the necessity to manually input and store the information related to the label length in the memory of the machine; and also retrieving the same data every time in order to change the label size and for restarting the equipment. This latest system thereby results in saving your time and overall expenses, prevents machine down time, and also assists in enhancing the production. Further, it is even self-protected against voltage fluctuations. The machine can be also supplied with an optional and highly durable safety cabinet made from glass or acrylic. Actually this round bottle sticker labeling machine incorporates all the essential elements required in the typical equipment. Thus, it fulfils the current needs of the customers in the national as well as international market.

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Round Bottle Double Side And Neck Sticker Labeling Machine