Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines: The Cost-Effective and Versatile Packaging Solution for Kenyan Industries

In Kenya, shrink sleeve labeling equipment is one of the most used packaging solutions. It is cost-effective, time-saving, and provides a high level of security to the products.
Shrink sleeve labels offer 360-degree coverage to give product and brand owners the flexibility to communicate with consumers.

These labels also allow for more space to fit colorful and eye-catching designs without compromising regulatory compliance standards. They are expected to continue to play a role in packaging as regulations tighten and consumer demand grows.

Cost-Effective Demand for Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine in Kenya

Demand for Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine in Kenya is highly cost-effective. Shrink labels are a great way to enhance brand visibility and increase product appeal. They are available in a range of materials and can be printed on both sides.

Often, shrink sleeves are produced using PVC or PETG polymers. These are a concern for PET recyclers, as PVC labels can sink in water when mixed with PET, contaminating the recycling stream.

This can lower the per-bale yield of PET bottles. Moreover, the labels may stain during caustic wash.

The demand for shrink sleeve labels is expected to grow over the forecast period, mainly owing to its ability to transform beverage packaging and labeling. In addition, the growth of the food & beverages industry is also anticipated to drive the market growth.

Accurate Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine in Kenya for Various Industries

Demand for Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine in Kenya is increasing due to its high speed, accurate, and smooth operation. It is ideal for a variety of commodities, including cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, and drinks.

Our machine uses a combination of advanced servo based sleeve dispensing system with advance PLC & HMI control. It can provide output from 100 bottler per minute to 300 bottles per minute depending on the shape of container.

It can be used to apply tamper-evident and overall, middle, or full-body sleeve labels. It also includes a perforation device, which allows consumers to tear off the sleeve easily. Multipack can be integrated into existing production lines or supplied as a complete turnkey solution, with hot air shrink tunnels and product feed and spacing units.

Sleeve Labeling Machine: The Must-Have Solution for Beverage, Food, and Personal Care Product Manufacturers

Shrink sleeve labels are a must have for any manufacturer of beverage, food, and personal care products. They can be applied to a variety of containers including tins, cans, bottles, and jars. This type of labeling system has its share of advantages, such as a low operating cost and easy maintenance. A modern sleeve labeling machine is well equipped with the latest technology.

Among the components included are a computerized control system, a motorized feeder, a conveyor and an optical sensor. Other features include a front acrylic interlock door and a programmable LCD display. The best part is that it can be reprogrammed at any time to meet the changing needs of your business.

A sleeve labeling machine from Bhagwati Pharma can be adapted to accommodate all types of bottles and containers. It’s also the ideal machine for small and medium sized businesses, as it can be quickly integrated into existing production lines.