The Delicacies in Labeling Bottles

What are the issues faced by conventional bottle labeling devices?

  • Earlier labeling equipments were not available with automatic or computerized technology; hence, in most of the industries man power was considered the major source to handle labeling process.
  • The chances of bottles falling down were higher in conventional methods.

New trends in Machinery that helps for safe bottle labeling

  • Machinery manufacturers have brought out innovative features for labeling bottles and Shree Bhagawati Labelling Technologies have been in this industry since several years and offering unbelievable labeling equipments on customized needs.
  • Automatic labeling equipments with sensors for label dispensers is one of the most appreciated trends included by manufacturers and this technology keeps the process work for fast and more labeling.

Types of Machines that Favours for High Labeling Requirement

  • A Sticker Labeling Equipment is a suitable and user-friendly device to handle bottles for labeling. This machine contains micro processor and simple sending system to manage labeling methods in accordance with the size and number of products to be labelled.
  • A high speed sticker labeler machine is also a suitable one for high labeling requirements.

Why to Choose Bottle Labeling Equipment from Shree Bhagawati Labelling Technologies?

  • Shree Bhagawati Labelling Technologies are specialized in manufacturing labeling equipments of different types. They exclusive export bottle labelling machines of different types.
  • Either it is pet jar or mineral water bottle, or glass bottle containers used in chemical or pharmaceutical industry or different size bottles, consumers can get the right kind of machinery for labelling from this manufacturer.


Handling bottles while labeling is a delicate task. However, with the help of latest machinery labeling process can be done perfectly with very less scope for damages.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, Director of Shree Bhagwati Labelling Technologies.