Tips To Buy a Sticker Labeling Machine

Our shopping markets and stores have tens and thousands of products and these products have a label to identify themselves. These labels placed on bottles and other types of packages is done by the semi-automatic sticker labelling machines. A single machine can handle labeling of a large number of products. It is also capable of handling several specifications for products from different industries.

This includes the packaging of shampoo bottles, cosmetic flat bottles, packing boxes, bottle caps, SD cards, bottle caps, batteries, etc. This spans several industries like cosmetic, food, toys, electronic, pharmaceutical, etc. Industry.

Working principle of this machine

Working principle of sticker labelling machine involves feeding items into the machine. Ideally it would make use of a conveyor belt. It is likely to have a label distribution area where containers move to. This process will create proper spacing for label applications. As soon as the labeling process is complete, it will discharge packages via a chute of some kind. It is a simple process that includes an emergency stop in case a bottle falls during labeling process.

Bottle & Vial Sticker Labelling Machine

Features to look out for when buying a sticker labeling machine Following are the features of the machine:
  • A control panel to operate the machine.
  • Automation is also available for most of the routine labeling processes. Hence select one with automation feature. This also reduces production time & cost.
  • Quality is of utmost importance when printing labels for commercial products like milk bottles, medicine bottles, etc. Hence it is essential to verify the quality of components prior to buying.
  • Look for a one with an energy saving feature to cut costs on energy consumption for manufacturing process.
  • There is another energy saving feature to look out for in the form of a vision system or a machine stop alarm system. This system comes in handy in the case where label roll goes missing or a machine goes offline for some reason. A stop system will immediately stop the process thus, keeping wastage to bare minimum.
  • Ensure machine meets the labeling requirements for the product you require. For example, the requirement is for labeling of bottles or jars, or labeling requirement of multiple sides, verify specifications of a machine for necessary features.
  • Machines with synchronized speed and protection against voltage fluctuations are highly efficient.
  • There is an added advantage of choosing a machine having a feature for automatic label detection hence such machines do not require manual input for the label length or gap in-between.
  • For those who require flexible label positioning or adjustment some machines do have an ability to adjust label sensor as per requirement without feeding data or making manual corrections.
  • Machines having an automated ejection system have an advantage of no stoppage in event of any issue. Thus, process carries on after automatically removing the bottle with an issue and saves time & money.
Applications of a sticker labeling machine

There are several applications for a labeling machine since all types of products require labeling of some kind so that they can be identified. In some cases, like medicine, non-veg products, etc., it is mandatory (by law) to place labels notifying of the contents.

Here is a list of applications of this machine:

  • It is useful for Mineral Water Bottle Labeling Machine.
  • It is useful as a beverages Labeling Machine.
  • For the purpose of Vodka bottle and other alcohol bottle Labeling.
  • Labeling on front and back for bottles of wine, bear, whisky, alcohol etc.
  • It serves many purposes in many industries like food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical industries.

There are several sticker labeling machines available with basic features. However, depending on the application (like medicine bottle labeling machine) there are several additional features one can keep in mind (as discussed in this article) for the purpose of automation and saving time & money.