Important Features and Application of Label Applicator from ARCA – ITALY

Arca – The specialist that offers a whole range of comprehensive solutions in the field of manufacturing in the arena of self-adhesive labeling machines and markers that provide durability consistency uniformity and safety and increase in productivity. One such machinery is the Label Applicator – ITALY that provides out-of-the-box services. Features of the Label Applicator –The Print labellers suit most products where high-resolution prints are required on the packaging boxes or cartons, production images, and batches. Integration with Sato and Zebra printers is most easily done and most compatible. label-applicator

Listed below are the Label Applicators from Arca- ITALY

1.Print Apply- Easy liner Entry-Level– This is an automatic and as the name suggests an automatic end of the line printer which applies the last label on moving boxes, pallets, cartons. It easily prints any variable data and image and the simplest to use and a very light-weighted machine. Technical Specifications are:
  • Speed and liner maximum width depending on Sato LT408 print module installed
  • 3 pneumatic solenoid valves and an alarm reset button
  • Reel housing (diameter 250mm / 9.84″)
  • Liner path rollers numbered for quick loading
  • A luminous LED that signals alarms, machine state, stand-by (activated by external signal), or failure
  • Two flow regulators control the suction and holding force (Air Assist) of the label, at the dispensing stage.
  • Two flow regulators to control the exit and return of the pneumatic actuator
Self Adhesive Sticker Labelling Machine
Self Adhesive Sticker Labelling Machine
  1. Print Apply Liner Plus– This is also an automatic printer that prints label last applied and is compatible with any code which requires to be printed. Technical specialties include:
  • Large diameter (360mm / 14.17″) reel for long duration
  • Paper path rollers numbered for quick loading
  • Expansion re-winder manual
  • 0 Control Unit featuring a 7-inch touch screen display for managing labels, printer and the database and simple icons to display
  • Multi-Language Menu (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian) for all levels of management
  • Quick set up for startups, user security by password restriction, print only and code checks
  • Counter Monitor which supervises production and smart troubleshooting for checking on the remotest of failures
  • Video training onboard and an SMS is triggered by Linerplus 4.0 when nearing the end of the roll is activated by the alarm.
  1. Print Apply Linerless Ecologica– This is an ecological labeler and one of its kind and has the advantages that it has a lower purchase cost, reduction of occupying space, greater capacity of reels, and not even a bit of silicone to dispose of. Technical specifications include:
  • Speed and liner maximum width depending on print module installed
  • The 4 pneumatic solenoid valves with independent blast and suction, to reduce air consumption
  • Large diameter (360mm / 14.17″) reel for long duration
  • It is configured for the integration of a Sato or Zebra print module built-in control panel, with luminous LEDs and soft keys. Otherwise, in the Advanced version, an independent control unit can be located wherever most practical for the operator (cable length: 3 meters / 9.84 feet)
  • Four function buttons: alarm reset, stand by, printing and dispensing of a label and label application (cylinder movement)
  • Four luminous LEDs to signal machine state: working/standby, failure, product detection, and printing in process
  1. Multiside Pallet Print Apply Linerplus-The best space saver machine for end-of-the-line. This just needs a single stop of the pallet and checks two labels per pallet and reprints any label with illegal codes. Also if the two pallet stops, the printer can apply even three labels-front, side, and back. The salient technical features are:
  • Productivity up to 50 pallets per hour;
  • Possibility of thermal conditioning;
  • Absolute reliability and safety;
  • Great autonomy thanks to the 360mm label roll;
  • Easily tiltable “Spring ” plate for better label application.
Undoubtedly the One stop solution for all hi-end technological and accurate labelling- Arca Marketing. Go for it!