Print and Apply Labelers Technology Advances

A print and apply label applicator, sometimes called a thermal label applicator, is a tool utilized to apply labels right to a flat surface without any other attachments. The label is pushed into the surface, dried and then pressed into place. This type of applicator has a very high speed rate; using this type of applicator can print labels in a fraction of the amount of time it would take if the label was printed with ink jet or laser technology. These types of label applicators are very popular for companies that need to quickly print labels on a large scale.

Some print and apply label applicators are designed for use on wood as well as non-wood surfaces. Using the label applicators on non-wood surfaces allow for a more even application, which allows for labels to be applied more evenly and with less bleeding. This reduces the amount of wasted materials during application. Most label applicators are designed to be versatile and reliable, which allow them to be used in many applications. By having an applicator that can be used on a variety of flat surfaces, companies can save a tremendous amount of time and money that would otherwise be spent applying labels to a variety of different materials.

Some print and apply labeling systems are designed so that users can print labels directly onto a variety of surfaces, including; labels created with thermal tape, laminating rolls, aluminum foil, lamination cups, magnetic labels, and polyester coatings. The wide variety of applicators available to allow users to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Because these systems use heat to adhere to labels, there is no additional bonding that would need to be done such as adhesives such as vinyl.

One of the major reasons that companies use print and apply label applicators is because it eliminates the need for costly re-rolling and tape dispensing. When paper, foam, or Carton labeling is being applied directly onto a product, additional supplies are required. Depending upon what the customer wants the labels to appear like, re-rolling the tape could be an expensive endeavor. When all items are rolled directly onto the label, it cuts down on waste because no additional supplies are required.

Most print and apply label applicators provide easy access to any type of surface when printing a label. This is important for many companies as they do not want to have to run back and forth to change a label because the printer has run out of ink or there is no ink left in the printer. Many of the newer printers on the market now include a programmable chip that allows the user to select which colors will be printed. Depending upon the particular application the full color capability may be an option, but most companies still prefer the easy to access feature.

Since the technology is so new, there are still some kinks to be worked out, such as how to avoid peeling the paper while printing. In addition, some print engines do not print on certain paper types so having an alternate option is always a good practice to have available. The cost of a print and apply labelers has dropped significantly in recent years, making them affordable for nearly any business. Because the technology is so new, it is expected that even more improvements and new technology will be implemented in the near future.