Top and Side Labeling Machine Two Head Label Applicator for Bottle

Be Assured of Top Quality for Top & Bottom Side Labelling

Labeling machine is used to apply labels to various products such as Ampoules, Vials, Bottles, Jars, Container, Canisters, Cartons, Boxes, Caps packages etc. The labeling machines are also known as labeling systems, labeling equipment, labeling machines, labeler, labeling machinery, labelling machinery, labelling machine, labellers, labelling equipment. Many Labelling machines are not only used to dispense or apply labels, but also to print labels.
Model Top + Side labeler machine
Driving Mode Servo motor
Capacity (pcs/min) 20-120
Conveyor speed(m/min) ≤40
Labeling Accuracy ±1.0 mm
The size of label Width 15-150 mm

Length 15-300 mm

The size of label object Can customized as label objects
Printer device optional

Performance Video

Top Side Sticker Labelling Machine , Top labeler machine, Top labeller Machine