Tube Labelling Machine, Tube Labeler Machine

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Tube Labelling Machine, Tube Labeler Machine
This tube labeling machine or the automatic tube labeler machine is simple to operate and easy to maintain. It is highly appropriate for tubes with diameters varying from 19 mm up to 60 mm. This tube labelling equipment has the capacity to operate at a labeling speed of up to 60 tubes in a single minute. Moreover, an automatic feeding and air ejection system is also included for loading and unloading the tubes. The no tube – no label is another unique feature of this tube labeller machine. Besides a transparent film label can also be applied without the eye-mark by using a mechanical sensor. It incorporates the latest technology and top grade components, as well as robust stepper motor to ensure precise labeling. The model is highly effective, very reliable and long lasting. Further the professionally approved program controller and the stepper system, enables smooth communication between the equipment and the user through a user friendly micro processor based control panel. Hence this model of tube labeling machine can accurately control the process of labeling. Moreover, it can even apply two labels on the front and back side. And the label orientation with respect to the design of the cap or the tube can also be provided. Hence this tube labeling device can also be used for applying front as well as back labels with orientation. Above all we guarantee all the tube labelers of our company for a period of one year, beginning from the day of shipment, for any kind of problems that are experienced due to defective workmanship. Further, we even offer guarantee of the lowest prices for our tube labelers, compared to same type of machines available in the market. Thus you need not do the price comparison or cost benefit analysis, because we can assure that you will get the tube labelling machine at the lowest rates.
Tube Labeling Machine
Label speed Up to 60 tubes/min
Label accuracy ±1mm
Label Length (Max.) 150mm
Label width (Max.) 90 mm (H)
Tube diameter (Max.) ф65mm
Tube diameter (Min.) ф19mm
Tube length (Max.) 220mm
Label Reel Core Diameter ф76.2mm
Power 220V 50Hz 3000W
Weight 300 kgs

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